Thursday, July 19, 2012

I realize now, more than ever... Probably because I'm jobless and bored out of my mind, but movies in the 70's through...I would say extremely early 90' maybe 90 and 6 months; these movies were made for dates. I miss the era of the date. When was the last time you went on a date? (singles only) Not meet at a bar, or a party, or a best friends work party. A date. Dessert, walking, movies, talking and making out. Back to the reason why i'm talking about all this making out... In my lazy hours, I've been able to catch early HBO, Cinemax films and, let me say...these movies are a perfect length with perfect moments full of null. The ideal make out moment. There are several. I've been watching Taxi Driver, from 1976, for the past 37 minutes and I could have made out at least once and still have those breathing breaks where I could follow up on the film. Now-a-days movies are too fast, too extreme... What happened to enjoying life?

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