Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blue Velvet

I slept all day today. Not cause I was hungover; I wasn't even really tired; at least not mentally or physically. Is it tacky to say, I felt my soul was worn down?
It was a weight unlike heart break, bereavement, or even guilt and embarrassment. It was...almost camouflaged between all the tragedies and obstacles life has tossed me.
I woke with a snap. It was 3:50 and I was ready to get out.
I drove and drove. I wasn't sure where I would go, but I knew I wanted to follow the sunset; so I headed to PCH.
As I watched the storm clouds hover over the coast, I connected the song to that blue velvet coast: through it all, I still see blue velvet through my tears.
I don't see myself leaving this coast, not unless its on business or vacation; my roots are here, and I don't plan on deforesting my soul anytime soon.

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