Thursday, September 8, 2011

Immune System

I feel like I've lost my support system. It's almost like every 8 months one leg of the system would buckle under the pressure and give out. Or give in? It's as if those legs were pushing so hard in supporting my crazy ambitions, that they couldn't help but give IN to the idea that, this crazy ambition is nothing but self-mutilation.
As much as I want to support their feelings of losing a friend, I can't help but remind them that I'm feeling the same thing, only it's not just one friend. When I was in school I always thought myself to be more of a loner, but the socialite in me came out half way through high school, and I felt it was my place to be that butterfly. Turns out, I should have stuck with my gut, no one will ever have my back like myself. I should probably take this time to accept this and move on.

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