Thursday, January 5, 2012

Positive Energy

I'm trying to put out as much positive energy as I possibly can. I don't want to day dream anymore. I spent a good 2...probably 3 months in a great mode of focus, a great mode of energy and self-help. I let it go because I felt like I finally had it under control and that I found something better to focus on.
Turns out, there's nothing better to focus on than yourself.

{put out positive energy}

So....I let it all go and I am completely disgusted in myself now. I'm not saying that I'm constantly bashing myself, but I know I could be better. From sleep patterns, physique, cleanliness, literature, even hair tidiness. I spent a lot of last night thinking about it, really thinking about it. I want to put forth positive energy in hopes of receiving it.
Work has been heavy, stressful, but very developmental. I have really grown in my position and in my knowledge of, "what it takes." I also have recently felt the weight of the Holiday Season, I feel strung out; tired; brittle. I need a break.

{put out positive energy}

All I want is to see my family, have a large dinner at home (not a restaurant), laugh and feel the warmth of Family. Unfortunately, my lack of focus has cost me to miss a proper saving for a flight. Then I realized, woops! that was the only weekend I could take to see my Family, because of course in the world of Retail, there's a thing called Inventory which happens every 9 months and it so happens to be the weekend I could AFFORD to see my family. Oh well, I guess....

{put out positive energy}

Work is going fantastic! In fact, I'm officially to open more than half of the new stores in my region, which means, I'll be traveling 2 weeks out of each month starting.....February I believe. Which means...If I don't see my Family in January, I may not be able to see them until June.
Le sigh...

Insert positive energy here ______________

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