Sunday, April 24, 2016

To do list

I bought my first home last year at the end of May. It was almost like a birthday present to myself from myself (and a little help from mom). I knew I didn't want a yard, because the thought of having to pay someone to do my yard work- let alone doing it myself gave me hives. So I  settled for a 2bedroom/2bathroom condominium, which is really just a longer word for apartment in my opinions, in downtown Long Beach. My neighborhood is a loud neighborhood, it's full of personality and it makes me feel comfortable because I feel I can get lost in it. Not lost in a bad way, but lost in a safe way. You'd have to be crazy to understand.   

Once I moved in I set an end of year deadline to have furnished what I felt would be enough to be presentable at a housewarming party. I would say I got about 65% done by the end of that year. A lot of the year was spent debating. Debating what shape the coffee table would be. What color the shelving would be. What color pops did I want to use? How did I feel about pillows? Uselssss questions and endless I'll waiting out's. The money ended up spent on lavish dinners where the calorie count was higher in alcohol than actual food. My deadline was lost in the dishes. 

The following year (this year) came in with a bang! I was slapped with a terrible case of meningitis and spent the next 2 months in a hospital followed by a month, so far, of recovery. It's safe to say not much more decorating or furnishing has happened to this new condo of mine. I spent this last weekend at the condo (with permission from my at-home-nurse a.k.a. mom) and I realized how much time and money I've been wasting by not committing and making the call or decision on some things. I mean I haven't put up the wallpaper in my room simply because I'm too timid to pick up the phone and set up an appointment for a quote. 

Yes, moving into a new home with nothing but a mattress can be overwhelming. Making lasting decisions because this is your home now, not just a place you're renting for the next 10 months, can be stressful but really I think I was only making it stressful by telling myself how stressful it was. I vow that for the remaining months of this year I will do my absolute best to purchase at least one piece of furniture for the condo biweekly. I mean if it was easy enough to spend $100 on a Friday night sushi and sake date, then it should be no sweat off my back to drop 200$ biweekly on something I need for the home of my present and my future. 

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