Saturday, May 7, 2016

So far...


I'm really pushing myself to stick to the said "to-do list" that I set myself, and as promised, I did purchase an important piece of furniture for the month of May. I bought a headboard for my bedroom. Now, I moved back to California from Arizona in the summer of 2012, when I came back I was...let's say: rushed. So I had to make sure I could fit in a Budget trailer attachment to my Tundra. At that rushed time I could only afford the one bedroom trailer, so I had to dump everything except for things. Things such as: books, dvds, kitchenware, dishes, towels. I left all furniture, including my bed, behind.


Here's my stupid face of enjoyment with said headboard behind me.

Please don't judge my awful burnt orange wall. The entire room was painted that awful Gerber baby food color and I have already painted 3 of the 4 walls; the only reason I left one that disgusting carrot soup color is because I plan on wallpapering the wall. I too have lagged on doing this, as i've had the wallpaper for about 8 months now... yeah, i know. Anyway. I'm hoping  planing to reach out to this wallpaper specialist my friend recommend me last year on Monday, and see when she's available to come down and give me a quote. 

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